Wednesday, July 6

Return from West Virginia

Just got back from the 2005 Rainbow Gathering at the Cranberry Glade Botanical Area in the Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia. It was a very interesting gathering this year. The site was moved twice due to the fragile habitats of endangered species in the area. The final site, Cranberry Glade, was at one time a low security prison for conscientious objectors, so there were old building foundations, forgotten concrete slabs and stairs strewn about the site. Also the site was just over a quarter mile away from the access road which meant plenty of rangers and locals. Also because someone signed a permit and the was a great deal of cooperation with the forest service some kitchens and rainbows decided not to come. Which was sad because I was really looking forward to seeing some of those people.
But it was still an excellent time. Danny Brown joined Steven and I but was our stick in the mud because he had to cut his dreadlocks off just before meeting us and was still a little sour. Danny was still very fun to have along and a great mountain man. He would often go on day long hikes to find some wildlife. One day he was very lucky to see two bear cubs and their mother. We had a really good time hanging out at the Granola Funk stage on several nights. We meet this amazing man named Linger, who was some reincarnation of Jerry Garcia, it was very weird. Linger was called Linger because he had to linger anywhere we went. It would take hours to walk across the gathering with him because we had to stop and say hello to nearly everybody. Linger is a huge Seinfeld fan and would make Steven and I remember the most obscure trivial tidbits from the show. Linger is also a fantastic musician. Once I get the CD from Steven I will upload some tracks. Overall it was a very good gathering and I look forward to next year like I do every year. Leaving for Yosemite and San Francisco tomorrow.

Rainbow Lomographs


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