Tuesday, May 24

Hitchhiking across the galaxy...

I just finished reading The Restaurant at the End of the Universe and now I am itching to read the next book. Spags let me borrow his anthology so now I can finish reading the whole series. Only problem is I may do nothing else and as if the book wasn't enough I just realized that you can play the original hitchhiker game on Douglas Adams' website! That game is one the first video games I ever played. I never could get very far in the game but I still loved it! Now I am obsessed with it and need to beat it once and for all.
On a different note but still relating to space...go see Star Wars! It was great! Lucas saved himself. It is tons of fun and filled with plenty of light saber action. The flick rarely ever slows down it is just non-stop Jedi action. The best part is the extremely smooth transition into retro 70's Star Wars style we all know and love.

Hitchhiker Game


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