Saturday, May 14

Rebuilding the Kiln

In the summer of 2002 there was a kiln building workshop at NCC. During the summer of 2004 we finally got the kiln installed and hooked up to gas but It would get hot enough. The gas running in the pipes isn't enough pressure to get the kiln up to temperature. So instead of having new pipes installed we decided to shrink the kiln so it will get up to temperature. Eric Mirabito, the Artist in residence at Lill Street art center came down to direct the job. We had plenty of help and it went very smoothly. Lets just hope it all works. Aurora unlocked the art department's storage garage and I found some old silkscreens from the 80's. One in particular of a cowboy I am very excited about.

Eric and the kiln
Our now smaller gas kiln and Eric.


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