Tuesday, May 10

Trey in Chicago

Trey tonight at the Auditorium Theatre downtown Chi town.
We ran into Alex and his friends from the Acadamy of Art outside the show. They were too cool to go to the show, dispite the free tickets we were offering. And boy howdy did they miss out. Trey was on fire tonight! The acoustic Brain and Robert was really cool.

Set I:
Dark And Down
Will It Go 'Round In Circles (Billy Preston)
Night Speaks To a Woman
Burlap Sack And Pumps
In The Light (Led Zeppelin)
Mr. Completely >
What's Done
Dig A Pony (The Beatles)
Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel)

Set II:
Oz Is Ever Floating
Cayman Review
Goodbye Head >
Space Oddity > (David Bowie)
Love That Breaks All Lines*
Brian And Robert**
Back On The Train**
Happy Birthday Skeeto
I Am The Walrus (The Beatles)

Sitting In Limbo (Jimmy cliff)
46 Days

*Trey on acoustic, Peter on bass, Ray on piano (No Skeeto or Les)
**Trey solo acoustic
^Skeeto's birthday song choice "for your dancing pleasure"

Trey in Chicago

Trey on acoustic gee-tar.


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