Tuesday, June 7

Busy busy busy....

Been keeping super busy glazing tons of ware and finishing up papers and various end of the year hoopla. Aurora said we could keep making work to test out in the gas kiln which will be fired this Thursday. So I made some Big pots this weekend and hopefully will be tossing them into the gas kiln this week.
The NCC Art Acquisitions Committee met today and got busy. They bought several works from Wendy, Karen, Katie and myself. They bought four of my works, a sculptural work and three etchings. It is all very exciting as my art career begins to gain momentum. Speaking of which the senior art show is closing early due to the construction in the library. Instead of closing Monday June 13th it will close this Friday June 10th. So, please go check it out if you have not.

glazed work

Big pots

Can I have three pots?


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