Friday, March 17


Chicago Afrobeat Project tonight at the House of Blues. It was a real booty shaking kind of party. There were all sorts of people on stage including two dancers and a painter. It was all really intense. I mainly watched the painter all night while I shook my booty. He did a really neat composition that worked but upside down and right side up. It had this vague face in it both ways. Super cool. I'm not sure if anyone ended up buying it. A free show usually doesn't attract the richest of patrons. Alex got kicked out twice and was taken to an alley and got yelled at by security. I really don't like HoB there are security everywhere watching everyone it is like a prison or something. Only way I'll go back is if there is another free show and that isn't likely unless someone cancels again. Steel Pulse was supposed to play that night but they cancelled, I guess St. Patrick's Day in Chicago was too much for them.


A booty shaking good time.


At 1:25 AM, April 18, 2006, Blogger rose said...

great photo but...why don't you post more than once a month?? *sigh*


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