Thursday, December 15

A long past-due update

Major renovations have wrapped up for the most part. We have been living in the house since late August. Here are the pictures from the weeks just before we moved in.

The bathroom was pretty much fully replaced. Most of the floor boards were rotten and had to be replaced. The dry wall was moldy and had to be replaced with green board. Cement board was installed around the new tub seen here covered in blue plastic.

My Dad is a tile cutting pro. Here he effortlessly cuts a circle for around the toilet.

I lay the tile. We got a killer deal on this porcelain tile which looks just like real slate. Cool stuff. Real slate is a total pain because it has to be cleaned and sealed.

The kitchen just before the biggest slab of granite was installed. You can see the two smaller slabs around the stove and the sink on the floor. They installed that granite in no time and boy did it look heavy.

Just before the carpet.

Rolled out and set in place.

Stretched and stapled. Once the carpet was in the house started to feel like a home.


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