Wednesday, August 10

Continuing renovations

Work hasn't stopped. Here is the last week and a half or so.

Green-board and a new window were installed after cleaning out the kitchen wall.

The ceilings had to be patched and sanded after the popcorn removal.

Then patched and sanded again.

Under the plastic tub surround walls was this ugly blue tile which had to go.

And under the plastic tub was a rusted steel tub which had to go as well.

Eventually we painted. Tyler assisted with his monstrous height.

After painting, the wood floors could be installed in the dining and kitchen spaces.

Keli and I planted our plants we got from the We Grow Dreams plant sale.

This is the sweet slab of granite our counter tops are being cut from.

My parent's battery operated lawn mower does not like to cut grass that is a foot tall.


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