Friday, June 16

New York New York

OK Ok. Time for the vacation low-down. Boston was great. Rode the T (subway) all over town, walked the freedom trail and took a DUCW tour. A DUCW is a WWII vehicle that can both drive around on land like a big bus then dive right into the water and tear around like a boat. It is super cool, you may have seen them up in Wisconsin Dells. We had a crazy driver, Friendly Frank, who told us all sorts of strange stories and facts about Boston. Like how Boston can fit into New York's central park which is crazy but now that I've seen central park I believe it. Wow, is it huge and beautiful. We are staying at this super posh hotel on the south end of the park. Well it is actually the New York Athletic Club, my Aunt has a friend who hooked us up with the sweet rooms. The hotel is supa nice but you need to have a suit jacket on when walking around the lobby otherwise you need to go in the back door, they are just a bit uptight. Seems like a lot of places in NYC are that way, really uptight, but it is kind of expected. Still had a great time though. We went to the really cool Apple store, did the NBC tour, ate street vendor food, went to the MOMA and did other touristy things. Tomorrow we get on the ship and head up to Canada, I can't wait. I may update once more before coming home but until then enjoy these pics of yours truly.


The new Apple store, serving it up Apple style 24/7.

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali's Illumined Pleasures at the MOMA.


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